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As the years go by, numerous changes occur in our appearance. Our facial skin is undoubtedly the first and most prominent indicator. The decrease in facial skin volume leads to a saggy and tired look, and undoubtedly, the eye area is one of the most noticeable when it comes to this phenomenon. Today, more than ever, there is a wide range of minimally invasive filler treatments available that will enable you to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes, dark circles, and the saggy and tired look in the eye hollows area. At Z clinic we bring decades of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and advanced solutions that will allow you to enjoy optimal results with each treatment.

Everything you need to know


Treatment Objectives

Restoring volume to the eye hollows area, preventing a saggy and tired appearance, and blurring dark circles around the eyes.


How it works?

Through the injection of various fillers, it is possible to add volume to the skin, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and enhance the appearance of sagging and tired facial skin. The most common substance used for this purpose is hyaluronic acid, but there are also many other substances that can be used according to needs, such as poly-L-lactic acid and more.


Treatment Duration

30 minutes to an hour


Level of Discomfort

Minimal pain and discomfort that will go away in a few days.



After the treatment, lumps and swelling may appear. It is important to monitor their healing. Avoid alcohol consumption and sun exposure for the first 24 hours after the treatment.


Recovery Time

Several days.

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