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01 How is the consultation & treatment process carried out in the clinic?

At Z clinic (by Dr. Zerach) every bespoke aesthetic journey begins guided by Dr. Zerach’s professionalism, our clinic prioritizes your individual needs.

The evaluation process commences with a thorough consultation led by our team of Senior practitioners. During this consultation, patients express their concerns, goals, and desires. Subsequently, our doctors conduct a comprehensive assessment of both physiological and aesthetic factors to determine the most suitable treatment plan.

Utilizing innovative methods and superior materials, our team delivers exceptional results. Injection treatments can often be administered immediately following the medical evaluation. We remain dedicated to supporting our clients through follow-up visits and beyond, ensuring unparalleled aesthetic outcomes of the highest quality.

Renowned as a premier clinic for aesthetic medicine, Z Clinic (by Dr. Zerach) offers an extensive range of treatments to meet diverse needs. Our specialized departments provide comprehensive solutions for all levels of aesthetic enhancement.

In the Medical Aesthetics Treatment Department, we offer hyaluronic acid fillers for nose sculpting, lip enhancement, eye socket augmentation, jawline contouring, cheekbone enhancement, and more. Botox injections are also available to diminish and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

The Cosmetics and Facials Department provides classic facial treatments as well as advanced procedures using medical-grade equipment.

Dr. Zerah’s clinic stands at the forefront of aesthetic innovation, with injection techniques that have garnered international acclaim. Our commitment to research and development ensures that we remain pioneers in the field of aesthetic medicine.

We prioritize the use of top-quality equipment and advanced materials, including canola injections and state-of-the-art laser technology. Coupled with the expertise of our professional teams, we guarantee unparalleled results for our clients.


The majority of aesthetic treatments are minimally discomforting, with measures in place to alleviate any sensations of pain. Sensitivity may vary depending on the treatment type and individual pain threshold. Any discomfort experienced is typically temporary and transient.

While we advise against aesthetic treatments during pregnancy, certain treatments may be permissible during breastfeeding. We recommend consulting with our clinic regarding any treatments considered during the breastfeeding period to ensure the safety of both mother and child.

At Z clinic (by Dr. Zerach), we prioritize safety and efficacy by selecting only the highest quality fillers and employing advanced equipment. Our doctors undergo rigorous training to deliver natural-looking results that meet our clients’ expectations.

Our body treatments utilize advanced injection materials to address various aging concerns, including volume loss, texture deterioration, and sagging. Biostimulators improve skin texture and firmness, while hyaluronic acid injections enhance volume, providing noticeable and reassuring results.

Dr. Zerach’s injection techniques epitomize innovation and precision. With a focus on continual research and development, our clinic remains at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. Our team’s comprehensive training ensures the safety, effectiveness, and reliability of our treatments.


Z Clinic boasts a team of leading experts in the field of aesthetic medicine. In addition to Dr. Amir Zerah, Dr. Gurnam Virdi serves as a senior practitioner, Dr. John Lekkas serves as a senior practitioner, and Ms. Michal Goren Sheleg manages the clinic, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience for our clients.

Side effects following injection treatments, such as Botox or hyaluronic acid fillers, are typically minor and temporary. These may include slight pain, redness, swelling, or the formation of nodules in rare cases. Most symptoms resolve naturally shortly after treatment.

Our clinic achieves beautiful results in nose sculpting and shaping using hyaluronic acid fillers, eliminating the need for invasive rhinoplasty surgery. This carefully selected substance is safe for use in the nasal area, providing proportional facial harmony. Nonsurgical nose procedures typically last one to two years, offering long-lasting enhancement without surgery.

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