Non Surgical nose shaping

As the focal point of facial symmetry, the nose plays a pivotal role in defining our overall appearance, making its aesthetic refinement of utmost importance. At Z Clinic, under the expert guidance of Dr. Zerach, we specialize in non-surgical nose shaping procedures designed to enhance nasal aesthetics without the need for invasive surgery. Using advanced dermal injection techniques with hyaluronic acid, our procedure effectively adds volume to the nose, achieving the desired aesthetic outcomes through meticulous shaping by Dr. Zerach's skilled hands. This approach allows for the correction of various nasal imperfections, including sunken nasal bridges, dorsal humps, asymmetry, nasal tip ptosis, and nasal tip refinement.

Everything you need to know


Treatment Objective

Unlike traditional surgical interventions, our non-surgical nose shaping procedure is virtually painless and does not require local anesthesia, offering a comfortable and convenient alternative for patients seeking nasal enhancement. This treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals who have not undergone rhinoplasty previously and for those seeking correction following unsatisfactory surgical outcomes


How It Works

At the introductory meeting, the attending physician will go over your medical history, examine your unique characteristics and outline the exact treatment plan for your needs. As part of the plan, the appropriate injection techniques and filler compound will be chosen to give the best results. In the treatment, the material will be injected into the selected foci using a cannula and the material will be shaped and sculpted by the attending physician.


Duration of Treatment

30 minutes to an hour


Managing Discomfort

Minimal pain. An inert material can be used.


Procedure Overview

It is recommended not to engage in vigorous physical activity, consume alcohol and be exposed to direct sunlight in the first 24 hours after the treatment.

At Z Clinic, we prioritize professionalism and excellence in every aspect of our practice, ensuring that each patient receives personalized care and achieves their desired aesthetic goals. With our commitment to delivering exceptional results, we guarantee a transformative experience at the highest standard of care.


Recovery Time

In a few days the bruises will fade and the pain will go away completely.

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