Navel & Tummy skin texture

Whether it's cellulite, stretch marks, scars, or wrinkles, the skin of the abdomen is subject to various influences throughout our lives. Events such as pregnancy, childbirth, weight changes, and exposure to the sun can all contribute to noticeable changes in the skin texture. To empower your confidence and bring back the body appearance you've always loved, we offer a wide range of effective and safe treatment techniques.

Everything you need to know


Treatment Objectives

The treatment will provide a powerful lifting and tightening effect to the skin of the abdomen, assisting in firming the area and maintaining a uniform texture. Ideal for postpartum women and anyone experiencing a change in the texture of the skin on the abdomen and torso.


How Does the Procedure Work?

We are creating a personalized treatment plan for you based on the factors affecting your skin, age and gender characteristics, and the background conditions that have led to your current skin appearance. From laser and radiofrequency treatments to the use of unique creams, we are putting together a series of treatments that will provide you with optimal results.


Duration of Treatment

Each treatment will generally last between 45 seconds to two hours.


Pain Level

Only mild discomfort and redness at most.


Post-Treatment Care

Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight for about a week after the treatment.


Recovery Time

In general, you can resume full activity immediately after the treatment. Continuous improvements in the skin may take several weeks until full results are achieved.

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