Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique designed to enhance and shape eyebrows. Utilizing a manual hand-held tool with microfine needles, tiny and precise incisions are made on the skin's surface. Pigment is carefully deposited into these incisions, resulting in the creation of individual eyebrow hairs.

Everything you need to know


Treatment Objectives

Microblading is renowned for its ability to produce natural and realistic-looking eyebrows, closely resembling actual individual hairs. This method allows for precise customization to complement the client’s facial features.


How It Works?

Microblading for eyebrows is an easy and convenient solution that requires two treatments per year to every two years. It works for anyone seeking a clean, well-designed, and unique appearance, regardless of color, and appears most natural as our own eyebrows.



Treatment Duration

The initial treatment typically lasts around two hours, during which we conduct measurements based on facial features, outline, and precisely construct the height shape. This way, you can also see what the final result will be, after aligning expectations.

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